We commenced our operations way back in 5 years, as a civil construction firm. In the process, we have earned the goodwill and market respectability in the construction arena. We have successfully completed many construction projects of repute such as villas, independent bungalows, Flats and commercial complexes in Chennai.

Our construction process has been designed to truly reflect the opportunities, scope and budget of the project. We approach every project as an opportunity to excel and exhibit our distinctive development process. With a depth expertise gained over the years, we have consistently delivered a level of excellence and always strive hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. Having gained considerable experience and successfully executed several projects on a time bound basis, we very well understand the demands of the clients and current trends prevailing in the market. With dedication and passion, we carefully analyses every need of our customers and take in to consideration of the environmental issues in planning and designing our projects. We use a combination of modern technologies and superior quality materials to complete all our projects within the committed time frame. In order to meet the challenges of the competitive civil market, we constantly update our knowledge on various new technologies used in the construction process.

Our highly skilled professionals with expertise always keep a track of the trends and technologies in the market. This approach not only enables us to maintain our reputation for quality construction but also exceed customer expectations and result in building strong relationships with our clients. Our ability to execute every project in tune with the clients objectives coupled with an impeccable delivery has won us several satisfied customers that include VIPs and Celebrities of repute. We have exquisite infrastructure facilities both in terms of machinery and equipments and human resources that comprises of a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and skilled workforce. Headed by Jones , an engineer by profession, we take pride in announcing that Smart Construction stands for its quality professional approach and transparent transactions.

Customer satisfaction is paramount importance to us and we always strive hard to exceed their expectations in terms of quality. We understand the importance of quality, values, timely delivery and above all customer satisfaction.

Why choose Us.

Actually we treat every work as our First Project, and we want to make as well as solve New Risks, by Innovative, Creative, Impressive manner in every work of us. We habited to be not satisfied in the work done by us yesterday. But Want to make a better one today. Well we are not creating the roof & walls;We are creating habitable and meaningful space transformed by human aspirations, within to be lived in. We always habited to Design/Make a thing by considering its next larger content, Such a way, a chair in a Room, A Room in a House, A house in a Boundary, A boundary in an environment. Our Design and Construction Teams motivated towards creation of New things, Such a way learning for new thoughts, not to work in conventional manner, Playing with new dimensions, Shapes. We are having profession as our hobby and Passion.

Our Mission.

  • Provide a safe working environment by promoting health and safety in all areas
  • Adopt innovative practices to ensure quality without compromising the time frame and budget.
  • Recognize employee’s potential for career development and provide the necessary training and environment to realize their potential.
  • Respect nature & the environment and work towards a sustainable green future for the benefit of all.
  • Cultivate a culture of continual improvement.
  • Foster effective communication and co-ordination among all stake holders.
  • Achieve sustainable and profitable business growth.
  • Achieve total customer satisfaction.

What we Do.

Smart Construction is a reputed construction firm dealing with various construction activities such as

  • Joint Venture Projects
  • Flat Construction
  • Residential Buildings
  • Individual Bungalows
  • Commercial Complex
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Interior Designing
  • Planning & Permissions
  • Ware Houses
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Proofing

Completed Projects
Ongoing Projects
Land / Plots
Total Projects